Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is an attribute of a business, which positively influences society in some ways. It can be shown in a form of for example, charity donations or turning to the green energy sources. There are various ways of building such a CSR business, depending on the category of social responsibility that one wants to choose. The categories are:

  • Care for the environment – it obviously means that a business feels responsible for environment’s good condition. Taking care of lower carbon emission, choosing alternative sources of energy etc. will definitely help both the company and society.
  • Helping those in need – donating to charities is the best form of showing company’s CSR in this category .
  • Ethical employmentt – establishing the right and fair employment rules in a company (both locally and abroad) is also a perfect way of showing the firm’s CSR.
  • Volunteering – volunteer events are good occasions to demonstrate a company’s interest in society matters.

Why is CSR a good strategy for companies?

People’s awareness of world’s serious problems is continuously growing. Taking care of the others and the surrounding has become a very desirable attitude, also in the world of business. Businesses which are known for unfair treatment and making use of its employees or damaging environment risk a lot. These days it is not difficult to widespread the information in public, which next becomes a huge deterrent and discourages customers from using the unfortunate company’s service or buying its products in favour of CSR businesses. Taking responsibility for the world’s problems counts, and clients appreciate such an attitude. Clawing one’s way is no longer well seen and profitable. Not only customers choose CSR companies, but also good employees are more and more picky and look for socially responsible employers to work with.

Examples of corporate social responsible businesses

Ben and Jerry’s – it has a sustainability program for dairy farms in Vermont (its home state) and it accepts only fair trade ingredients.

Starbucks – it works according to their own C.A.F.E Practices guidelines which has been created in order to make sure the products used by the company are sustainably grown. In its coffee production process it takes account of the important economic, social and environmental aspects.

Tom’s Shoes – it distributes a free pair of shoes to a poor child every time someone buys its shoes.

Is it really worth the effort?

Corporate social responsibility attitude will help your business not only build a good showcase and gain positive public interest, it will also make you a contributor to the world’s wellbeing and will give you the satisfaction and sense of what you are doing. Both these aspects create perfect conditions for achieving success. However, there is one condition: you must involve your employees in the CSR process so as to make your approach transparent and seen for the public. Otherwise, many people may just accuse you of hypocrisy. Public trust is one of the keys for all businesses’ success. Finally, our world’s wellbeing is definitely our corporate interest and we all should feel responsible for it at as high as possible level.