CSR is a great value for companies and communities. It is significant to raise the awareness of this responsibility and help creating good conditions to implement this approach. We can only benefit from it. These are the main four issue areas of CSR:


Marketplace issues concern the social responsibility of a company in terms of the way it makes its money. To be more specific, it says about how much value a company creates by its goods or service, how much it costs society or whether the selling process is carried out with integrity and honesty. Moreover, it provides the information if a company is fair and punctual in payments for suppliers and if the suppliers share the CSR values. It is all about trust – the mutual trust between business and its clients, employees, suppliers etc. Looking at only your own benefit is not well seen not only in the case of business. It is just not right, generally.


This area concerns the good environmental practice of companies. It has become extremely important for companies to reduce their bad impact on the environment. It is not only about bringing profit for the world, but also for the companies who gain more, thanks to higher efficiency. Lower carbon emission, responsible use of valuable materials and responsible exploitation are the most urgent issues now. The important question in this area is whether companies can be successful in making people’s lives better without making them want more and more things, which costs our environment just too much. And also, can companies make consumers follow them in their CSR approach?


What impact can your company have on society in this area? Of course, it is creating jobs, providing people with money, paying taxes etc. But this good impact can become a bad one very quickly since there is only a thin line between them. You can exploit people, treat them as your personal workforce and destroy their lives. Here you must admit that people are your great asset, you must invest in it if you want to see returns.

For all businesses, talent counts. Recruiting the right people for the right places is one thing, and providing them with a chance to develop is another. How do you motivate your, large or small, group of employees? Do you discriminate them? These are very important questions for those considered socially responsible.


The place where your business operates is a very important factor which decides about your success. Your employees and customers must have proper and healthy conditions to live and have their families. Then, you cannot be seen as an intruder. It is important for businesses to support their communities, become a “friendly” neighbor and unite somehow with the people around. Ask yourself whether you would like to have your business as a neighbor. And how about your employees’ opinion – do they see you as a community member who contributes to the common welfare? Do you engage them in supporting the community?