Implementing the Corporate Social Responsibility approach in a company is believed to be beneficial for both the company and the society. As it usually is with theories, also this one seems to be so powerful and true in words, but you may wonder how it actually is in practice? You may have some doubts whether this attitude is mostly beneficial for the others, not for your business. Is it really worth the effort? Having localized such doubts in the hearts of people, we decided to make the case clear. We have just gathered the opinions in the topic expressed by those who really have the knowledge we need from their own experience. So what are the profits of CSR according to business people?

Garratt Hasenstab

– (Director of Sustainability at the Verdigris Group, a real estate development and consulting firm) admits that his Verdigris Group puts a strong pressure on becoming a leader in the corporate social responsibility area. The company has already taken serious CSR action by implementing a set of sustainable initiatives in which its employees actively take part. What is more, since 2007 the firm has been working as a certified carbon-neutral business. As Hasenstab explains, the core of Verdigris Group’s success is the social and environmental awareness of its clients and partners since for such a group of recipients the possibility to cooperate with CSR company is a great opportunity. CSR is the centre of the whole company’s activity now and it is planned to be in the future. This policy’s advantages are: incentive for clients who appreciate the company’s CSR-related efforts, more efficient work, saving money, being an inspiration for the others and setting a good example.

John G. Taft

– (a great-grandson of President Taft and CEO of RBC Wealth Management-USA) has decided to focus his CSR actions on protecting water. His company’s initiative – The RBC Blue Water Project – has been created to provide financial support to organizations which take care of watersheds and access to drinking water. In his opinion, the main advantage of CSR is the employees and clients’ respect towards the company which is gained by engaging in the socially responsible actions.

Lisa Dewey

– (Pro Bono Partner at DLA Piper – a huge law firm) informs that DLA Piper takes corporate cesponsible actions by pro bono service, community engagement, diversity and environmental sustainability. The company encourages its employees to take part in the CSR projects according to their own preferences. They can choose the matters which are important for them and just do something they believe in to improve the world. As Dewey admits, the work they do as pro bono workers or volunteers is very impressive. When it comes to the direct benefits the company has from such actions, its first of all, changing lives of people around the world and apart from this, improving lives of DLA lawyers which contributes positively to the whole company at the same time. And finally, thanks to CSR, the relationships with clients have been strengthen and many precious ties with various communities have been created.