Positive Planet has grown on PlaNet Finance – the organization aiming at developing financial inclusion all around the world, focusing on the poorest people.

The last 20 years brought a considerable evolvement of financial inclusion. Starting from small initiatives, it was gradually becoming a significant large-scale movement offering financial and non-financial help changing people’s lives for better.

Nowadays, the challenge is different.

Not only the development, but also its quality and continuance are pursued.

In order to achieve the goals, we need to create a good environment as a ground.

We feel obliged to ensure that water, energy, housing, health care and education are available for everyone.

By creating such positive environment, we lay the foundation for even the poorest units of the society.

On this ground they can start growing and bring fruits of their potential which contribute to the welfare of the future world.

Our purpose is to make the positive economy work – help people start creating better future

An innovative and socially responsible international organisation dedicated to tackling poverty

The PlaNet Finance Group’s mission is to enable those in poverty to access financial services in order to bring about sustained improvements to their living standards.

To that purpose, it develops microfinance products and services.

With a presence in 88 countries, the PlaNet Finance Group is now acknowledged as a major player in the war on poverty through the development of entrepreneurship.

Apart from the financial inclusion, PlaNet Finance prepared initiatives in the area of financial education, entrepreneurship and organizing value chains as well.

Positive Planet is led by the same aims, yet additionally, its supreme intention is to reach more and more people worldwide by both taking care of people’s ability to satisfy the basic needs and providing access to education and business financing.